LetsDefend level 1 alert SOC101 - Phishing Mail Detected event-id 18

Details playbook Are there attachments or URLs in the email? Analyze Url/Attachment 送信側アドレス cashbank[.]com mail Attachments Check If Mail Delivered to User? Check If Someone Opened the Malicios File/URL? Add Artifacts…

LetsDefend level 1 alert SOC107 - Privilege Escalation Detected event-id 19

Details playbook Define Threat Indicator Check if the malware is quarantined/cleaned Analyze Malware creditcard -> 27e56f0f4bbb933a9ef25e0e0c2a4aaae578bdc2623e6bcdf664834e4ce60c9d Check If Someone Requested the C2 Add Artifacts End Details…